Tap List

Munich Helles Lager (16oz) 5.9% 22 IBU

German Lager; light, refreshing, great for those new to craft beer.


Bavarian Wheat (16oz) 5.6% 22 IBU

Light, refreshing, great for those new to craft beer.


Honey Blond (16oz) 5.7% 15 IBU

Light sweetness, easy drinking.


Pear Helles Lager (16oz) 5.9% 22 IBU

Munich Helles German Lager aged with pear juice – light, refreshing, slightly sweet.


Cherry Bavarian (16oz) 5.6% 22 IBU   

Light, refreshing with slight cherry flavor.


Amber (16oz) 5.2% 54 IBU

English style; nice blend of malty and hoppy with slight caramel.


Pale  (16oz) 5.9%  70 IBU

Hopped up English style Pale (malty).


Belgian Amber (12oz) 7.9%         27 IBU

Malty, balanced, traditional Belgian esters.


Cranberry Tripel (12oz) 9.9% 22 IBU

Tart, sweet, dry. Not for the faint hearted. Wine drinkers enjoy.


Nut Brown (16oz) 5.9% 30 IBU

Nice balance of malt and nutty taste.


Imperial Irish Red (12oz) 7.6%    27 IBU

Nice color, rich, malty, which leads to a well-rounded mouth feel. Malt lovers favorite.


Old World Porter (12oz) 6.9%  36 IBU

Prohibition style traditional dark American lager.


Black IPA (12oz) 8.5% 61 IBU

When a stout and an IPA make a baby, this is the result.


Imperial Oatmeal Stout (12oz) 8.5% 57 IBU

Roasty aroma, full body mouth feel from start to finish.  Hearty dessert beer.



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Bavarian Wheat
            Light, refreshing, and great for those new, or familiar, to craft beer.