Seems like just months ago we were setting up our family brewery, unsure of what to expect, calling in our mini-me helpers, Isabell and Corbin.

Starting with only a handful of taps, Brian’s home brewing equipment and a whole lot of excitement and curiosity of what we were embarking upon, we have been nothing but delighted each step of the way.

Not unlike raising a child and seeing it grow, each new advancement bringing joy, the brewery has been our baby.  Sometimes feeling like parents of a first born child, unsure and a bit skeptical that we would all survive the first year of sleep deprivation and clean ups, looking back we feel blessed.

As you know our greatest joy is to see you in the brewery enjoying our “baby”, having a good time with friends and family, enjoying our board games or good ol’ conversation!  We hope to have you leave in better spirits than when you came because when you walk through our doors we want you to feel like part of the family.  Hope to see you soon!